Silberketten Silberketten

Diese einzigartige Kristall Anhänger ist ein neuartiger Schmuck für Frauen. Das Design von Sonne ist sein Highlight. Ein feines Geschenkbox wird geschenkt.

short dressesThis wrapped skirt is the necessity for autumn and winter. Wave edge is special and shows feminine temperament.

casual dressesFluorescence series are eye-catching in summer.  Letters on the chest are also candy color series. It is an all-match long T-shirt. It can match with a bottoming pants or shorts.

casual dresses

Inside it can match with white shorts or jean shorts or safety pants.

earringsRose earrings in the shape of a flower is made of natural shell texture, leaf is the texture of the diamond!

short dressesBright rose red dress is sexy and slim. It matches with shoulder pads and side pleats, totally showing female’s perfect curve.

braceletThis is a very expensive gas red agate bracelet, sings, transparent beads are silver and gold color is gorgeous, wear in the hand is especially expensive gas, is the temperament of the people are promoted, reveal a variety of gorgeous, red also give a person a kind of happiness feeling, it will give you good luck!

casual dressesThis shirt is loose and decent. The style is simple but temperamentd. It can show the female’s charm to the maximum extend. Comfortable material is good quality. Mighty and august tiger head is arrogant. It can match with bottoming pants.

Sweet style of a classic ring, can be seen that every year a lot of party style, with a long veil can also match, such as walk today want to sweet route, the collocation of the preferred ring.

casual dressesThis leggings show fresh literature style. Light blue is very pretty. It is suitable for work and going school. It shows a feeling of a girl next door.